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America has been diverse. We just weren’t counting right.
Aug 12, 2021
Episode 495

America has been diverse. We just weren’t counting right.

We'll dig into the latest census data today. Plus, our hosts weigh in on the new "Jeopardy!" hosts.

New data is out from the U.S. Census Bureau, and while it might seem like America just became a lot more diverse, we may have been that way all along. We break down some of the census numbers. Also, guest host Meghan McCarty Carino, who’s feeling a little less hollowed out today, discusses what we can learn from Native Americans’ high COVID-19 vaccination rates. Then, the hosts get all smiley and talk about LeVar Burton’s post-“Jeopardy!” future and bears!

Here’s everything we talked about:

Read the transcript here.

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