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Introducing “Financially Inclined From Marketplace”
Apr 14, 2023
Season 1

Introducing “Financially Inclined From Marketplace”

Money lessons for living life your own way. Starting April 21.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy a lot of important stuff. Like a car (hello, freedom!), college and travel. Plus, all the necessities, like food, rent and clothes. But you can’t do any of that if you don’t know the basics about personal finance. That’s where we come in. “Financially Inclined” is a show about all the money lessons we wish we learned earlier — the ones that can help us live life on our own terms.

“Financially Inclined” is our first video podcast! You can check us out on YouTube or listen to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Each episode, financial literacy advocate Yanely Espinal talks with some really smart people — experts, influencers and high school students. Together, we break down important money lessons. Consider us your one-stop-shop for financial confidence. This show is created by Marketplace, in collaboration with Next Gen Personal Finance.

“Financially Inclined” is Marketplace’s first video podcast and our first show for teens! Each week we talk with some really smart people, like influencers, high school students and financial experts, to help make learning about money fun and simple. Consider us your one-stop-shop for financial confidence.

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