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Todd Melby

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Oil-boom sprawl swallows a North Dakota city

Mar 8, 2013
The oil industry and the thousands of workers it's attracted have swallowed up communities like Williston, N.D., where neighborhoods on the edge of town now feel like they're in the center.

Not everyone in oil-boom country finds what they want

Jan 8, 2013
The oil boom in North Dakota has attracted tens of thousands of people looking for work. There are a lot of jobs, but it's not a boom for everyone.

Seeing opportunity in North Dakota's oil boom

Dec 11, 2012
Daniel Brock was happily teaching. Then he heard about jobs in the oil fields of North Dakota. Now he's happily working there.

The oil boom: Born to be a roughneck

Dec 4, 2012
Richard Karpe had his first roughneck job at age 11, on a rig run by his stepfather. He talks about the roughneck life and its hazards.

The oil boom: Making a living off the workers

Nov 21, 2012
In any mining boom, some people are there to work in it, others are there to supply them. Need a knife in Williston, N.D.? Talk to Bobcat John.

A North Dakota oil worker: 'I miss my family'

Nov 20, 2012
The oil boom in North Dakota created tens of thousands of jobs with good wages -- in the middle of nowhere. So for workers across the U.S., the boom is an opportunity to get back on their feet, pay off…

'Fight Night' in an oil-boom town

Nov 19, 2012
North Dakota's oil boom has drawn thousands of workers to the state, overwhelming small towns. Rents are sky high. Workers live in barracks called mancamps. And there's not much to do besides work. One promoter brought martial arts fighting to…