Tara Siegel Bernard

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Moving past gender barriers to negotiate a raise

Mar 28, 2014
Discrimination persists in the workplace and can emerge when women act as their own advocates to seek a raise, experts say.

Weighing the risks of going without health insurance

Nov 19, 2013
For many people, complying with the new health care law will become a financial decision.

Slow and steady returns

Mar 21, 2012
An investment portfolio owes its comeback to diversification and time.

More Americans opting for multigenerational housing

Nov 8, 2011
Financial hardship is pushing more Americans to move back in with relatives. We take a look at one woman's choice to buy a house with her mother.

A big money decision before retirement

Mar 25, 2011
Most people want to kick back and relax in their 60s, but Tess Vigeland and the New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard about one couple who are considering investing in and running a motel, instead of retiring.

The financial challenges gay couples face

Mar 25, 2011
The New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard discusses the financial and legal issues gay couples face through the example of Amanda and Kay Shelton, a lesbian couple living in Michigan.