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Can you buy fine art online?

Amazon launches a fine art Marketplace, but will any reputable dealers use it?
Posted In: Amazon, art, ebay

Why you shouldn't sell historic art on eBay

eBay sellers who listed a piece of the original Schindler's list received no bids for the historic document.
Posted In: ebay, auction, antiques

What's in a name? For Harry Potter author, everything

J.K. Rowling revealed as the real pen behind non-Blockbuster, non-Harry Potter book.
Posted In: harry potter, J.K. Rowling

Twitter 'bots' steal tweeters' identities

A growing Web industry creates fake Twitter identities and sells them to people looking to pad their list of followers.
Posted In: Twitter, social media

'Mad Men' returns and small businesses capitalize

Season 6 of AMC's "Mad Men" premieres this Sunday. Fans are no doubt eager to catch up with the exploits of Don, Peggy and Pete -- and businesses are eager to catch up with those fans.
Posted In: AMC, television, Mad Men, Small Business

Film unions buck labor's struggles

Film unions flex muscle in efforts to expand production tax credits
Posted In: film industry, movie, Labor Unions
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