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Economists underwhelmed by Fed's new plan

The Federal Reserve plans to spend up to $30 billion a month on U.S. Treasury bonds in an effort to motivate the banks to lend. But this doesn't provide a huge incentive in an economy of $14 trillion.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: The Federal Reserve will announce...

... something. What is "quantitative easing"? Google and Verizon reached... something. What is "net neutrality"? Police raid Google's Seoul of...
Posted In: Blackberry, community gardens, Federal Reserve, Google, mid-day update, net neutrality, quantitative easing, Research in Motion, Saudi Arabia, Tiger Woods, Verizon, welfare fraud

Content vs. telecoms: Net neutrality explained

Google and Verizon have found some middle ground in the net neutrality debate. Jeff Horwich explains how this affects your Internet use right now.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Scandal at Hewlett-Packard...

... Where does the company go from here? Microsoft's "
Posted In: adult entertainment, China, clean energy, college athletics, Hewlett-Packard, Hp, Microsoft, mid-day update, Monster Patch Tuesday

HP reassures investors after loss of CEO Mark Hurd

Hewlett-Packard is trying to ease investor tensions after CEO Mark Hurd resigned on sexual harassment allegations.

Job losses in July -- worse than expected...

/**/ ... many lost in public sector Fannie Mae posts smallest loss in three years, requests $1.5B bailout Wheat shortage: who's affected in ...
Posted In: Fannie Mae, Greece, mid-day update, Unemployment, wheat

MID-DAY UPDATE: The Senate could vote today to send $26 billion to the states...

... The "jobs bill"would avert state worker layoffs. New unemployment claims rise Sales for big retailers like Costco, Macy's, & Target are...
Posted In: Google, Immigration, Jobs bill, mid-day update, mortgage rates, retail sales, Russian drought, telephone number, Verizon, wheat prices

$26B bill would save 300,000 government worker jobs

Democrats have eked out a victory on a bill that would send $26 billion in aid to the states and fund the jobs of 300,000 teachers, cops, firefighters and health care workers.
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Google, Verizon deal could change net neutrality

A deal between Google and Verizon could set the stage for big companies to pay for the privilege of speeding up delivery of their own content to consumers.
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BP says static kill is working...

... The government says three-quarters of the oil has already broken up! Louisiana shrimpers getting set to return to work. Not everyone's thri...
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