Faster, Higher, Stronger

Nov 25, 2005
The Olympic flame is set to be lit this weekend in advance of the Winter Games in Turin this February. Ethan Lindsey looks at how the Games should benefit the city's economy.
Man passes Torino Olympics sign
Filippo Monteforte (c) Getty Images

Asia oil consumers

Nov 24, 2005
China, India, Japan, and South Korea sit down with Russian officials today to press their case that more Russian oil should be directed their way. Miranda Kennedy reports.

Poultry fears in China

Nov 23, 2005
New outbreaks of bird flu have triggered restrictions on poultry imports in Hong Kong, and poultry sales are way down. Ruth Kirchner reports.

Bush visits Mongolia

Nov 21, 2005
George Bush just became the first US president to visit Mongolia. Beijing Bureau Chief Jocelyn Ford explains why Mongolia is nervous about China, and what message Bush's visit might be sending.

Bush in China

Nov 18, 2005
President Bush arrives in China tomorrow, and Ruth Kirchner looks at how the trip is being viewed from the Chinese perspective.

The illegal art trade

Nov 15, 2005
The Getty Center's former antiquities curator is going on trial in Italy for conspiring to loot Roman artifacts. It's part of Italy's efforts to curb the illicit art trade, but as Megan Williams reports, not everyone in the art world is happy.

Betting on the bubble

Nov 10, 2005
The Chicago Mercantile Exchange launched a new form of futures trading Wednesday, allowing investors to wager on the price of future home sales. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.

For public good, not for profit.

Delta blues

Nov 10, 2005
The bankrupt air carrier is expected to post a third quarter loss today while it continues to squabble with its pilots over salary and benefit cuts it says are necessary to make the company solvent. Bob Moon reports.

Windfall tax falls short

Nov 10, 2005
Finance expert Chris Farrell tells Scott Jagow that a windfall profits tax for oil companies is a bad idea, and that oil companies actions indicate they think the spike in gas prices is short-term.

iRobot's iPO

Nov 10, 2005
Investors are bullish on robots. Shares of iRobot Corp. rose sharply Wednesday after the company, which makes mobile floor sweepers and electronic military porters, went public. Lisa Napoli reports.