How safe is nanotechnology?

Dec 2, 2005
A new Web site offers a clearinghouse of information for consumers concerned about the safety of nanotechnology. Janet Babin reports.

Big week for Merck

Nov 28, 2005
A new round of Vioxx proceedings is expected to begin today and tomorrow in state and federal court. Helen Palmer looks at what's at stake for Merck.

The Job Files: Songwriter

Nov 25, 2005
This installment of the Job Files profiles country music songwriter John Stone.

Goodbye discount cards

Nov 24, 2005
The government's new Medicare drug benefit program is prompting big pharmaceutical companies to discontinue their discount drug programs. From the Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.


Nov 22, 2005
New research excessive noise is bad for both hospital workers and patients. Helen Palmer reports.

Black box warnings

Nov 18, 2005
A new report out shows doctors frequently ignore so-called "black box" warnings on medications that include serious side effects. Helen Palmer reports.

Random House 'n' Universal

Nov 4, 2005
Host Lisa Napoli talks to Michael Speier about Random House's agreement with the movie studio Universal to turn books into movies.

For public good, not for profit.

Hoping the sky is falling

Nov 4, 2005
Disney hopes to recapture some of its former glory in the realm of animation with the release of <em>Chicken Little</em>, which opens today. Brian Watt reports.

NIH Disclosure

Oct 31, 2005
Monday is the deadline for employees and researchers at the National Institutes of Health to disclose all stock holdings to prevent potential conflicts of interest. Rachel Dornhelm reports.

Job Files (Pumpkin Farmer)

Oct 28, 2005
The Job Files explores the life of pumpkin grower John Muller.