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Global job troubles could last a while

Oct 1, 2010
The United Nations' International Labor Organization says continued budget cuts will hit jobs in a lot of places. The BBC's Jon Bithrey talks with Steve Chiotakis about why it might take longer for the labor market to rebound and what the effects of long-term unemployed might be.

Nintendo delays 3DS release

Sep 30, 2010
Shares in the electronics giant Nintendo have fallen by almost 10% in Japan. The company announced its much anticipated 3DS hand-held console won't be out before the crucial holiday season.

Malicious computer worm on the attack

Sep 24, 2010
Security experts are grappling with what could be a new and serious cyber attack. The Stuxnet computer worm attacks control systems at large sites like industrial plants and power stations.

Bond auction successful for Irish gov't

Sep 21, 2010
There's been a crucial test of the health of Ireland's economy. The government's managed to raise $2 billion from investors as it struggles under enormous debts, but there was enormous demand.