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Jeff Tyler

Reporter, Marketplace


Jeff Tyler is a former reporter for Marketplace’s Los Angeles bureau and reported on issues related to immigration and Latin America.

Tyler began his career at Marketplace producing and editing stories and in 2000 his desire to report allowed him to move to the other side of the microphone becoming a foreign correspondent for the program. Tyler admits that working for Marketplace has given him a crash course in world economics.

His work has taken him from Argentina and Brazil to Indonesia and Pakistan. A California native, Tyler is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. After college, he worked for a travel guide company, writing a guide for Honduras and editing a travel guide for Mexico.

Latest Stories (645)

Faking the count

Apr 27, 2006
One way the FCC monitors content on public airwaves is fielding complaints from listeners and viewers. But while many are genuine, a lot of complaints are actually generated by fake grassroots campaigns attempting to influence decision makers. Jeff Tyler reports.

Summer gasoline prices expected to rise

Apr 11, 2006
The Department of Energy releases its outlook for summer gasoline prices today, and motorists had better prepare for some bad news. Jeff Tyler reports.

Immigration rallies today

Apr 10, 2006
The debate over immigration policy moves from the halls of Congress to the streets today where thousands are expected to rally for immigration rights in cities across the country. Jeff Tyler has more.

Recognizing drug courts' success

Mar 14, 2006
In Washington today, an event to celebrate the success of the nation's drug courts -- and to elbow the folks in Congress who slashed the program's funding last year. Jeff Tyler reports.

Video games give investors pause on Sudan

Feb 10, 2006
Student activists no longer rely on rallies in the quad to pressure investors to pull out of areas of the world they consider repressive. They're using video games to get their point across. And as Jeff Tyler reports, they're coming through loud and clear.

Se vende Univision

Feb 9, 2006
The Spanish-language TV network is for sale, and as Jeff Tyler reports, it's not just the small-screen cachet Univision has with Latinos that makes it attractive to buyers.

Retail revolt

Feb 8, 2006
A national retail group has challenged a new Maryland law that requires large employers like Wal-Mart to provide health coverage for workers. Jeff Tyler has more.

Warm January

Jan 31, 2006
With one day left, January 2006 is expected to go down in the books as one of the warmest Januarys on record. Jeff Tyler looks at what impact the abnormal temperatures have had on snow-dependent businesses.

Workplace intimidation

Jan 17, 2006
President Bush has decried the fact that a government worker went to the media with details about his domestic spying program. But as Jeff Tyler reports, workers at government intelligence agencies have little recourse if they want to "blow the whistle" on questionable practices.

Alito TV spots

Jan 4, 2006
Supporters and opponents of the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court are pouring millions into TV advertising campaigns. Jeff Tyler has more.