Jamila Huxtable

Social Producer


Jamila serves as a producer for Marketplace's social media team, where her primary focus involves crafting compelling videos and visual graphics for Marketplace's social media platforms. In addition to her role in content creation, she spearheads organic strategy and engagement for podcasts, season launches, and special projects, contributing her expertise across all broadcast programs.

Prior to her tenure at Marketplace, Jamila worked as a producer at NPR. Her impactful work is evident in episodes of popular shows such as “Planet Money” and “It’s Been A Minute,” as well as in news programs like “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered.” Throughout her diverse roles, she consistently brought stories to life at the intersection of news and culture. Before transitioning to audio production, Jamila honed her skills in television at Fox Sports and “Good Morning America,” earning a Daytime Emmy for her exceptional contributions to the latter.

Jamila is originally from New York City.  When she’s not working you can find her doing some online shopping or struggling to learn a new recipe on TikTok.