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Manufacturing group looks to spur innovation

Oct 14, 2011
The Advanced Manufacturing Partnership has its first regional meeting today. President Obama assembled the group to strengthen and expand the nation's battered manufacturing sector.

EPA coal requirements cause other problems

Aug 24, 2011
The Environmental Protection Agency got tough on coal power plants last month, but the way power companies are meeting that rule has its own problems.

Cigarette tax helps fund the arts in Cleveland

Aug 11, 2011
Every cigarette bought in Cuyahoga County gives a penny and a half to local arts and cultural organizations

How locals saved a furniture company in Ohio

Aug 3, 2011
Three years ago, Norwalk Furniture was about to close for good. That didn't sit well with a dozen Ohio families, who now run the company

Canadian crude -- oil, that is

Aug 3, 2011
Oil from the Canadian oil sands has become big business in the Midwest, boosting the economy by creating jobs. But some say those jobs come at a cost.

Toledo looks to Chinese investors to develop waterfront

Jun 24, 2011
Two Chinese developers have bought property in Toledo. But there aren't any signs that the Chinese know anything about property development in the U.S.

New zoning fad creates old-style business districts

Apr 4, 2011
City planners increasingly wonder if traditional zoning laws lead to sprawl. So more cities are turning to "form-based" code, which focuses on a building's look, rather than its specific commercial/residential use.