Besides all the people who profess their love of the iPad, guess who else is using these shiny tablets? Orangutans! Yup. Apparently they like to Skype and use Facetime with each other. They even tinker with some music making apps. I’m just going to say it here, so my apologies in advance... they’ve gone ape for iPads. (What’s that? The door is over there to the left? Okay, I’ll show myself out.)

The orangutans have shown such aptitude for apps (really, I’m not even trying here), that the organization working with them, Orangutan Outreach, has asked Apple for an “Apps for Apes” section of the app store. As the Verge reports: “It hopes that the category will be filled with Apps designed specially for use by apes, and that the proceeds of the section will go towards the charity's work.”