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SCOTT JAGOW:'Tis the season for nuptials. Today on the Job Files: the wedding singer.

MAUREEN RUSSELL: My name is Maureen Russell. I sing in a band called Alphadog. We play in clubs and weddings, corporate events, pretty much anybody who needs a band, we're it.

I've definitely had to learn a song or two for a wedding that I've thought 'oyichk we're never pulling this out again.'

It's a lot more structured too, as far as you have to sort of stop when people want to make speeches or when they want to cut a cake, or when the bride and groom are being announced. There's all these different details that go into playing at a wedding.

It's not easy as a performer. And it doesn't matter what you do. You might be a singer, or you might be a dancer. It has taken a lot for you to just stand up there in front of all those people and bare your soul to them.

Julia Morris produced today's Job File.