As many of my colleagues have described - working on this project has often meant working long hours. During our stay in Shanghai, it meant some of us in the production team didn't leave the hotel a whole heckuva lot.

This often meant eating dumplings from just down the street - or eating at the hotel restaurant in the interest of time.

In Chongqing however, I was able to break away for a little of the famed Sichuan Hotpot...

A big pot of oil and spices bubbles away at the table in front of us... small plates full of sundry varieties of meats, meat pieces, and veggies.

Last night marked my third hotpot experience. Tasty stuff.

The spices numb your lips and throat and sometimes make your eyes water.

The fish was wonderful, veggies delicious - and producer Brett Neely and I even mustered up the courage to try pig's brain:

pig brain.jpg

Not something I recommend.