Piggy Bank Award: Saving, not spending, extra cash

The Marketplace Money Piggy Awards.

Tess Vigeland: And finally to this week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award.

Our little blue plastic friend is heading to -- what'dya know, Jacksonville, Fla.! You may remember one of our callers today hailed from that hot, steamy, and lovely corner of the globe.
Well I was impressed with something she said...
So we called her back to talk about it.

Sound of phone ringing

Mary Margaret: This is Mary Margaret.

Vigeland: Hi Mary Margaret. It's Tess Vigeland at Marketplace Money again.

Mary Margaret: Hey Tess, how are you?

Vigeland: Good thanks. So I wanted to call you back because I have some news for you.

Mary Margaret: OK.

Vigeland: You are the winner of this week's Marketplace Money Piggy Award.

Mary Margaret: Well thank you! I'm honored.

Vigeland: We either give it to people who have made great financial decisions or who perhaps need some help making a financial decision. But I was very impressed with the fact that you're gonna take this money, this $500 a month that you were paying off to your bank of dad and instead of just incorporation back into your budget, you're gonna keep setting that aside as though you still don't have it anymore. That's a tough thing to do.

Mary Margaret: Oh yeah. Well, thank you, I really appreciate that affirmation.

Vigeland: So you will be getting our little blue friend in the mail. That should get you on your way for your emergency fund.

Mary Margaret: Thank you so much. I'm really delighted. I really appreciate it.

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I was listening to your show online via KQED from Seattle and heard Mary Margaret's voice and realized (I think) it was someone I'd known 15 years ago in California. So, to Mary Margaret, great to hear your voice. Congratulations on your little blue prize. And look me up on LinkedIn and let's get back in touch. It would be great to catch up.

I can't tell you how glad I was to hear Mary Margaret won the Piggy this week. I've only been listening to Money a few weeks but I can think of no one more worthy of the award.

Well done, Mary Margaret! I wish I could be as good a saver as you are!

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Recently my daily "Marketplace Money" digital update is identified as coming from "Writer's Almanac." Please enlighten me about this change. I long for the old days.

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