Marketplace for Wednesday, Jan, 16, 2008

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Colossal hopes on 'bear' market

The big-and-tall market in menswear is worth $5 billion and growing everyday. Jennifer Collins takes a look at a company that's trying to tackle this big market through some unlikely characters.
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U.S. economy grows as election issue

New York Times economics columnist David Leonhardt says candidates would be well-advised to pay close attention to the economy in this year's elections -- especially if they want to connect with the American middle class. He talks with host Bob Moon.
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Don't invest much in candidate futures

GOP isn't a ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange and Democrats aren't listed on the Nasdaq, but prediction markets' trading on presidential candidates' chances are seen as trendy oracles of the campaign's outcome. Commentator Dan Drezner cautions, however, they have a mixed record.

TV tries to pump up viewership

These days, when television networks talk about chasing viewers, they mean it literally. Movie theaters, grocery stores, gas stations, sports events.... If you're there, they want to be there. Mary-Rose Abraham reports.
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Red Cross looks to stop the bleeding

The American Red Cross is reported to be facing a $200 million deficit. It may cut as much as 30 percent of its headquarters workforce and other jobs around the country. As Ashley Milne-Tyte reports, fund-raising just ain't what it used to be.
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More lenders dropping bad home loans

There's word of a new twist to the mortgage default mess. More home lenders are reportedly walking away from fights over delinquent home equity loans. But, that doesn't necessarily mean a free ride for borrowers. Steve Tripoli reports.
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Quick stimulus sought, but what kind?

Republican and Democratic leaders huddled on Capitol Hill today and emerged vowing to craft a bipartisan economic stimulus package. But, as much as politicians love to spend money and cut taxes, there's a fight over both. John Dimsdale reports.
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Signs of USS Economy righting itself?

The Federal Reserve came out with its "Beige Book" and there's no mention of a looming recession, just a "slower pace" of growth. Jill Barshay turned up more signs that some of America's economic ship is staying above water.
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