Marketplace for Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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Marketplace for Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letters: iPhone, CEOs, health reform

Tess Vigeland reviews what listeners had to say about stories involving Gizmodo acquiring Apple's new iPhone model, the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission grilling Wall Street execs, a doctor's take on health care reform, and plain language.

Arizona faces immigrant law backlash

Arizona's tough new legislation targeting undocumented immigrants has made the state itself a target. Jeff Tyler reports.
Posted In: Crime, Immigration, Mexico

Detroit officials look to downsize city

In 1950, nearly two million people called Detroit home. Today, the Motor City has less than half that number. So local officials are considering shutting down whole swaths of the city and moving residents to more viable areas. Sarah Hulett reports.

Has the recession changed job fairs?

At least 15 million people are out of work in the U.S., so many are heading to a job fair. But has the form and function of job fairs changed during the Great Recession? Andrea Gardner reports.
Posted In: Jobs

BP slapped with lawsuits over oil spill

The oil slick from a platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico is due to reach shore by the weekend. It could wreak havoc on the coastlines of four states. Sarah Gardner reports on the fallout for British Petroleum.
Posted In: Oil

Worry over new credit default swaps

Most credit default swaps were designed for corporate and mortgage bonds, but now they're being sold on muni-bonds to investors who think state and local governments are heading the way of the housing market. Brett Neely reports.
Posted In: Wall Street

Will Goldman drama impact reform?

Goldman Sachs officials appeared at a Senate hearing, defending themselves against fire over some of the trades the bank was involved in leading up to the financial crisis. The hearing is unrelated to the SEC'S fraud investigation, but the topic was still front and center.
Posted In: Wall Street

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