Marketplace for Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007

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Scouting for the NBA, coaching for life

The NBA is pulling in more players from around the world. Meet one of the globetrotting scouts who seeks them out, in the latest installment of our series on jobs in the global economy. Jon Miller reports.
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AMT battle comes down to red and blue

The Alternative Minimum Tax was once meant to make sure millionaires couldn't skip through loopholes. But now it's hitting the middle class, mostly in Democratic-leaning states. And commentator Jeff Birnbaum says the politics of fixing it speaks volumes.
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Cell phones keep getting smarter

The iPhone goes on sale Friday in Germany and the U.K. So Kai Ryssdal thought it might be a good time to do a little smartphone tutorial for those in the market. He brought in Kevin Pereira from G4 television.
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House proposes disaster insurance pool

The House of Representatives is close to approving legislation to encourage an alternative to private property insurance in states prone to catastrophic, natural disasters. John Dimsdale reports.
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Alternative fuels come with added costs

Crude is not the only oil near record highs. Palm oil is trading near $900 a ton in Malaysia. Prices for other vegetable oils are sizzling, too. Jeff Tyler reports these hot commodities are cooking up some controversy.

Hedge funds grow through the cracks

Who says things are tough all over? Wealthy individuals and big institutions with money in hedge funds are enjoying their best returns in almost two years. Gains last month averaged from 3.5% to 10%. Bob Moon reports.
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Bernanke: It'll get worse, then better

The Federal Reserve chairman gave his report on the economy to a congressional committee today. What did he say that we could understand? Kai Ryssdal plays translator.
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