Marketplace PM for September 29, 2005

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Ford pares parts vendors

Ford buys $90 billion of brakes, bumpers, and other parts every year from more than 2,000 manufacturers. Today, it announced streamlining plans to and cut suppliers in half. John Dimsdale reports.

Giving to Katrina victims

The American Red Cross has brought in almost $1 billion in Hurricane Katrina donations. But alongside the congratulations comes some criticism. Tess Vigeland looks at whether the Red Cross could share the bounty.

The other disasterous Bayou

James Israel and Daniel Marino — the two founders the hedge fund Bayou — confessed today to cheating their clients out of hundreds of millions of dollars. Host Kai Ryssdal gets the story.

No IPO for MLB

Major league baseball has been successful at getting people to pay for content on its website. But team owners have turned down a chance to capitalize on that profit. Diana Nyad talks to Kai Ryssdal.

A fee here, a fee there

Credit card companies are getting creative with how they make money: it's in the fine print. Jeff Tyler pulls back the curtain on some credit card booby-traps that could take you by surprise.

Entergy and its employees

Entergy, the power company, suffered more than a billion dollars in damage to plants and equipment in the recent hurricanes. Dan Grech reports on how far the company has gone to get its employees back to work.

Poverty: a divider

This week, Marketplace is asking: Does poverty serve anyone's interests? And if so, whose? Commentator and Jesuit priest Gregory Boyle says poverty serves to divide but not to conquer.

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