Marketplace PM for September 26, 2005

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Bush thinks energy, post-Rita

President Bush said a lot of things about energy this morning: He repeated his willingness to tap into the strategic petroleum reserve. Nuclear is back on the table. But mostly, he talked oil.

Didn't we just have an energy bill?

Congress spent the last four and half years working on an energy bill, which the president finally signed in August. But the one-two Katrina-Rita punch has Washington dealing with many of the same issues. Hillary Wicai reports.

Average homeprice up to $220,000

August was a hot month for the housing market: existing home sales rose 2%. Prices shot up more then 15% percent from a year ago, the biggest rise in 26 years. Why, with interest rates rising? Ashley Milne-Tyte has an answer.

SEC chair recuses himself from Frist investigation

Christopher Cox will not participate in the SEC investigation into Senate Majority leader Bill Frist, who is in the regulatory spotlight over a stock sale made by his blind trust. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Deborah Solomon.

Medicare's new drug benefit

It'll be a bit different from the old-fashioned, government-run Medicare. The Feds will be helping seniors buy private insurance to cover their medications. Scott Tong reports on the marketing blitz.

Taking DVD piracy very seriously

A couple of Americans in Shanghai were arrested for selling pirated DVDs over the Internet. They went to jail — in China. The case has some lessons. Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford reports.

Bootstraps v. assistance

In a special series of commentaries this week, we'll ask two questions: Does poverty serve anyone's interests? If so, whose? For Economist and commentator Bruce Bartlett, one winner is Washington and its politics.

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