Marketplace PM for September 16, 2005

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The wizard of GOZ

President Bush introduced 3 big ideas in his speech about New Orleans reconstruciton last night: an Urban Homestead Act, Worker Recovery Accounts and a Gulf Opportunity Zone. John Dimsdale explains how a GOZ might work.

Local, state and national Katrina efforts

At first glance the GOZ looks like a <em>federal</em> effort. But the states and cities it covers will no doubt be involved as well. Will the smaller players be able to do their part? Sarah Gardner has more.

US Air jets out of Chapter 11

Just two days after Delta and Northwest went into Chapter 11, US Airways has won approval of its plan to get out. Helen Palmer at WGBH reports that doesn't necessarily mean US Airways will be any better off.

This is your pilot speaking

Airline pilot and commentator Jonathan Hobbs has something to say about the merger of America West and US Airways.

'Rithmatic from computer scientists

We've heard that we've outsourced and offshored our way to second class status in science and math. Today IBM wants to turn things around, helping 100 employees they train to be math and science teachers. Alisa Roth has more.

The week on Wall Street

Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Wall Street analyst David Johnson, who we're thinking about calling "the market whisperer."
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Contracting New Orleans

As the flood waters recede, business owners are looking for a role to play in the Gulf Coast cleanup. Rebuilding New Orleans is sure to boost the local economy. Right? Sam Eaton checks in with some small business owners.

German elections, American influence?

Challenger Angela Merkel has been surging in the German polls by promising to shake things up with some American ideas. But in recent days Chancellor Gerhard Shroeder has been getting a second wind. Stephen Beard reports.

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