Marketplace PM for October 31, 2005

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Judge Alito on business

Samuel Alito began this Halloween with a big treat: the president nominated him to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. Court watchers are reading up on what he's written. Bob Moon has more.
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Novartis buys Chiron

Pharmaceutical companies have been working to come up with vaccines and drugs to treat the bird flu. But it may a more pedestrian influenza that are guiding their business decisions. Alisa Roth has more.
Posted In: Health

The AMT and Mrs. Brady

The president's commission on tax reform is expected to issue its official recommendations tomorrow. One high-profile suggestion will likely be to ditch the Alternative Minimum Tax. Scott Tong explains.
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Bye bye AMT, so long mortgage deduction?

Getting rid of the AMT would mean Congress would have to replace the billions it brings into the Treasury. That could mean curtains for the home mortgage deduction — which is fine with commentator Steve Moore.

A new look at the world

The new Oxford Atlas of the World weighs in at 12 pounds, with more than 500 pages. Ben Keene is the editor of the atlas; he talks with host Kai Ryssdal.
Posted In: Canada

Tourists return to New Orleans

Hotels are opening, Bourbon Street is bouncing, and cafes are serving classic New Orleans fare in the French Quarter. Marketplace's Dan Grech takes the tourism pulse of the still-recovering Big Easy.

In lieu of flowers

When someone we know dies, we often send flowers to the family. It's an expresssion of sympathy. And it's also a business — at least, it has been. Michelle Philippe reports.

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