Marketplace PM for October 25, 2004

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Another Florida fiasco?

Today a federal district judge in Florida ruled on the state's new touch-screen voting law. He said Florida does not need to create a paper trail for the machines, in the event of a recount. Many states have adopted some form of 'e-vote' technology to put an end to butterfly ballots and hanging chads. But for all the money spent on new equipment, the system remains troubled, claims commentator and editor Jason Pontin. (Photo: Getty Images)

Cellular options

As the traditional phone companies scramble to make up for lost business, wireless carriers continue to count the dollars as people invent new ways to use their phones. As Marketplace's Lisa Napoli explains, ringtones have grown into a chart-topping business.
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Bowling for (bigger) money

You're all probably on pins and needles waiting for the start of the Miller High Life Masters of Bowling tournament, which gets underway on Wednesday. Tom McNichol writes for Wired magazine, and says the founder of Real Networks, and some pals from Microsoft, have purchased the Professional Bowlers Association. And they're out to do for the PBA what Bill Gates did for software. (Photo: Getty Images)

More Halliburton - Iraq allegations ...

The Pentagon is investigating claims made by a top Army contracting official. Bunnatine Greenhouse contends Halliburton subsidiary KBR unfairly won no-bid contracts worth billions for work in Iraq and the Balkans. Host David Brown speaks with Marketplace's John Dimsdale about the allegations.

Iraq and Money: Where does it all go?

An inside job. That's what investigators think it might have been as they look into the massacre of 49 Army recruits in Iraq. The security situation there is sapping reconstruction efforts. So much so, a recent survey found that although $18 billion is earmarked for rebuilding, only a quarter of the money actually makes it to Iraq. Marketplace Middle East Correspondent Adam Davidson reports. (Photo: Getty Images)
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