Marketplace PM for October 21, 2005

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The latest in oil

There was a number in the news today that sort of makes you shake your head. Oil hits $59 dollars ... and people think it's a <em>good</em> thing. Alisa Roth reports.

Bad winds for trade

This morning we got a reminder of the long-term effects of Rita and Katrina on the economy. The Census Bureau says the storms disrupted trade in and out of harbors in the Gulf of Mexico more than we thought. John Dimsdale reports.

Supply, demand, and Tamiflu

Everyone wants Tamiflu made by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, but there's not enough of it. Now Roche say it will meet with generic drug companies. Host Kai Ryssdal talks to Stephen Beard in London.
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The Week on Wall Street

Wall Street analyst David Johnson talks to Kai about some strange doings on the stock market this week, and about classes on Saturdays.
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Closing accounts in New Orleans

Almost two months after the storm hit New Orleans, its smalltown banks are coming to terms with a new reality. Many of their clients just aren't coming back. Sam Eaton reports.

Thinking about Tom Delay

Tom Delay's arraignment was postponed after the Congressman asked for a new judge. Delay isn't majority leader anymore, but Jeff Birnbaum says Washington is still DeLay's capital.

When Canadians get angry

Canadians are a little bit steamed. They say we're not playing fair by NAFTAs rules. They're trying to do something about it, but no one in Washington is taking them seriously. Steve McNally reports from Toronto.

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