Marketplace PM for October 20, 2004

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Organs - Online ...

Today in Denver Bob Hickey got a kidney transplant. Nothing revolutionary there except that this is reportedly the first transplant arranged through a private website. It's called - and that's exactly what it does. Helen Palmer reports from the Heath Desk at WGBH that critics, including those who manage the national donor list, are worried about the intrusion of the private market into the organ donor system.

Politics and the flu

In case you haven't heard... there's a shortage of flu vaccine this year. If you've been worrying not only about your own health, but what about the more senior members of Congress who might get sick... well, it turns out they've got their own stockpile. The finger-pointing's already underway on this whole thing, especially in the presidental campaign. Senator Kerry says it's the president's fault. President Bush says lawsuits have scared manufacturers out of the vaccine business. Commentator Robert Reich proposes his own solution.

The robot world

The Jetsons had Rosie, the mechanical housekeeper. You may have seen or used those Roombas... the robot vacuum that tidies up while you're away. The United Nations tells us robots are going to become a bigger and bigger part of our home lives. We recharged Marty Goldensohn so he could bring us this report.
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Ballot Bucks: social security

This year the most expensive - and expansive - government program in world history has been relegated to also-ran status as an election issue. Social Security is a $471-billion retirement insurance system for 47 million Americans. It's bigger than the entire budgets of all but eight countries. By some accounts, it's headed for bankruptcy. Today as we continue "Ballot Bucks" -- our buyer's guide to the money issues of the campaign -- John Dimsdale sorts things out. (Photo: Getty Images)

The NBA heads east

It was the full court press in China over the weekend for the National Basketball Association. Hoops fans paid about $360 each to see the games. These were the first official games in China by a North American sports league. In the lineup - local superstar Yao Ming and his Houston Rockets. From Beijing our own Jocelyn Ford has a courtside review... (Photo: Getty Images)
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