Marketplace PM for November 9, 2005

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Who determines those oil prices, anyway?

Congress is asking Big Oil some tough questions about their enormous profits in a year of high prices. The industry argues it's not their fault, and many agree. Kai Ryssdal asked oil analyst Tom Kloza: "Who's responsible?"

US: China's not playing fair

A report out today from a congressional advisory committee suggests Congress might want to take another look at China's energy use. Alisa Roth has more from New York.

What scares Bill Gates?

The tech universe has been abuzz today about two leaked Microsoft memos. Tech writer Ina Fried of says the documents make it clear: Microsoft is worried about a new wave of competition. Lisa Napoli explains.

Gunn gone

Amtrak CEO David Gunn was fired today. By many accounts he was doing a great job. Sure, the rail system was losing money, as usual, but why go after the one guy who seemed to be turning things around? Hillary Wicai reports.

France's dirty little secret?

France has long offered up its social-economic model as the most humane way to deal with the poor. But as Stephen Beard reports from Paris, many French people are disturbed by what the recent riots have revealed.

Let my vaccines go

Unlike in other pharmaceutical areas, there is no free market in the vaccine industry. Commentator and author Sally Pipes says that decades of disastrous vaccine policy have left us unprepared.
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When a military base closing isn't bad news

Concord, California has been home to a Naval weapons station for more than 60 years. But the base has long been dormant, making Concord one of the few places where residents are happy about a base closing. Shia Levitt reports.

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