Marketplace PM for November 23, 2004

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Labor Unions -- the China way

News out of Asia has it that Walmart is allowing it's Chinese workers to unionize. Will this have any affect here in the U.S., where no Walmart employees are labor union members? Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford explains the differences between American and Chinese unions.
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A raw deal?

Congress says it will now let U.S. employers hire 20,000 more high tech workers from overseas. American companies say they can't compete globally without dipping deeper into the pool of foreign talent. But as Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports, some critics think American workers may be on the losing end of this deal...

The Next Four Years - borrowed time

Today, our special series of commentaries from different political perspectives continues with commentator and economist Paul Krugman. He says for the next four years, we'll be living on borrowed time. And he thinks we might end up singing for our supper.


Marketplace host Cheryl Glaser dips into a sampling of the mail we recieve. And we get a lot of mail ...

That charitable season

This is a busy time for non-profits. From collecting and delivering Turkey dinners to organizing Christmas toy drives, there's lots of work for volunteers to do. And plenty of people who wanna help. But as Emily Donahue reports from KUT in Austin, Texas, finding intelligent and creative ways to use those volunteers can be serious work.

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