Marketplace PM for November 15, 2005

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Getting to know Ben

Ben Bernanke goes before the Senate Banking Committee today for the toughest job interview of his life, for Federal Reserve Chief. What will we learn about him? John Dimsdale has some ideas.
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Getting to understand Ben

Can any of us really understand Ben Bernanke's answers to the Senate's economic questions? More important - can the Senators? As Princeton University's Alan Blinder told Kai Ryssdal, he thinks they can.

Johnson & Johnson & Guidant

A year ago, Johnson & Johnson said it wanted to buy medical device maker Guidant, and a rocky courtship began. This morning, the two companies reached a reconciliation. From WLRN in Miami, Dan Grech reports.

Delta pilots protesting

Delta Airlines' pilots are staging a protest rally today, just hours before Delta heads to bankruptcy court in an effort to void the pilots' contract. Sarah Gardner fills us in.

Big old jet airliner

Boeing is launching a new, bigger, more fuel-efficient 747 jetliner. Jason Paur reports.

If you're going to San Francisco...

On the streets of San Francisco, people sleeping off their drunk means more 911 calls, and fewer ambulances available for real emergencies. So the city is testing a program to pay the tab for rehab. Nancy Mullane reports.

Maybe we don't want to know

The government wants to force companies to tell us up front how much their pensions are over- or under-funded. Economist and commentator Michael Hudson says the truth is going to be tough to swallow.

What would Michelangelo say?

Tomorrow in Rome, a trial begins against a former curator at the Getty museum charged with trafficking in looted antiquities. Megan Williams reports on Italy's longstanding illicit-art suspicions of American museums.
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