Marketplace PM for May 6, 2005

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Google Rankings

Wanna know where the market closed?Google it. Wanna recipe for salmon teriyaki? You can google that, too. Google's success as a premiere search engine is thanks in part to its speed and its broad reach. But it's also cooked up its own secret recipe for ranking websites. Now the company's trying to patent a new technology for ranking news stories as Curt Nickisch reports.
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Iran and Rover

The bidding war for British car maker MG Rover got a little hotter this week. The government of Iran said it might make an offer to acquire the bankrupt company. Turns out, Iran already has a foot in the door. One of the country's automakers has held talks with Rover about building 150 thousand of its cars a year. Now it's not that Iran needs Rovers, per se. The government already manufacturers a very popular car called the Peykan. But as of the end of this month, it's headed for the scrap heap. Reporter Borzou Daragahi explains.
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The Week on Wallstreet

Time to check the week on Wall Street with stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson in Dallas.
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Unemployment in Germany

The White House's reaction to today's employment numbers - way to go! Or words to that effect. Treasury Secretary John Snow said we can expect more new jobs moving forward, thanks to what he called the underlying strength of the economy. Still the unemployment rate remains stuck at 5.2%. That's not so bad, though, compared to what's going on in Germany. Unemployment there is running at about 12%, the highest since World War II. A new website aims to match up would-be workers with jobs - but at a price. From Berlin, Kyle James has the story.
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Mother's Day Shopping at Goodwill

Bought your Mother's Day gift yet? Or is that on your to-do list this weekend?Commentator Jeanette Woods skips the mall and the florist. For her, a different kind of place hits the spot.

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