Marketplace PM for May 2, 2005

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Selling Social Security

The President's 60-day Social Security blitz is over. Don't let that fool you. Mr. President goes back on the road tomorrow. He'll be talking up his social security proposals in Mississippi. Later this week he'll do the same back in Washington. Now that the President has offered more details of his plan, there may be more to talk about - or as commentator and financial analyst Susan Lee argues...LESS.

IT in Baghdad

Three car bombs in Baghdad today - at least 8 more people dead. More than a hundred people have been killed in Iraq since Thursday. That's the same day the country's government appointed a partial cabinet. Security is the new government's toughest challenge. The roads aren't safe - and anyone commuting to earn a living is an easy mark. Borzou Daragahi reports on workers taking another road...the one that merges with the information superhighway.
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Human Computers

We're about to step back into a time before PDA's and laptops, to an age when the word 'computer' meant something entirely different. No, we're not talking about primitive Commodore desktops. Or even those old vacuum-tubed Univacs that would fill up whole rooms. We're going back to a period nearly everyone seems to have forgotten. A time when computers were - human. David Grier teaches technology policy at George Washington University. He's now written the first in-depth account of a career that no longer exists. Grier describes 'human computers' as people who did the blue collar work of the mind.

Cheeto Currency

Most of you remember bargaining in the schoolyard. Trading marbles or baseball cards... Wacky Packs...anyone remember those? The hot commodity among the junior set these days isn't a collectible. Andrea Gardner tells us about the snack that's inspired a wave of diminutive day-traders.

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