Marketplace PM for May 17, 2005

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Commentary: Gender Statistics

The Federal government has collected four decades worth of key statistics on gender in the workplace. But they're not ready to release that information. Commentator Kathleen Kennedy Townsend asks why.

Midwest land grab

A century and a half ago, the Homestead Act used the promise of free land to lure settlers to the Great Plains. Now descendants of those settlers are leaving the region in droves. So, some towns in the region are trying to reverse depopulation with, once again, free land. Curt Nickisch reports from the town of Crosby in remote North Dakota.

Marketplace letters for May 17, 2005

Host David Brown dips into the Marketplace mailbag. What are listeners responding to?

Global misfits

In China, multinational companies are scrambling to hire Chinese nationals who've studied overseas or worked in foreign offices. Beijing Bureau Chief Jocelyn Ford reports globalization is forcing foreign companies to adopt both the good -- and bad -- of American business practices.
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