Marketplace PM for May 10, 2005

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Cisco security

There was word today that a security breach at Cisco last year was far greater than initially thought. Reports now say it was part of a global hacking plot aimed at university and government data. Nice timing for a house panel to hold a hearing on computer security. It seems we're riding a wave of security breaches at the moment. But it's hard to say for sure. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli reports no one wants to talk about it. Unless they absolutely have to.

The $200 PC

A major technology announcement today from India. The government's teaming with a company called Encore to sell a new computer. The price tag: $200. These units are probably not coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. And they don't do Windows. But as Miranda Kennedy reports from New Delhi, it may be just what millions of people have been waiting for.
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Coffee cup philosophy

A recap.<br />Woke up, got out of bed.<br />Dragged a comb across my head.<br />Found my way downstairs and...<br />...figured I could use one of those grande mocha frappucinos they sell down the street. Lately, humorist Tim Bedore has been getting an extra kick out of his morning cuppa joe...

Immigrant healthcare

For years now, hospitals in border states have complained about the high cost of treating illegal immigrants. Now Washington's offering some relief. The Feds will put up $250 million dollars for the next four years. The money's supposed to help reimburse doctors and hospitals providing emergency treatment to undocumented aliens. But, as Helen Palmer reports from the Health Desk at WGBH, that's not nearly enough to cover actual costs.
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CAFTA in trouble

Leaders of five Central American countries, plus the Dominican Republic, are in Washington this week. They're trying to lobby U-S lawmakers to approve the Central American Free Trade Agreement. CAFTA, as it's called, is designed to lower quotas and tariffs. It's one of the Bush administration's top trade priorities this year. But as Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports, the deal could be in trouble on Capitol Hill.
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Mississippi education

Former Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale has made an offer to his native Mississippi, one that might sound almost too good to pass up. Barksdale's promising to endow $50 million dollars in grants for Mississippi students...on one condition. The legislature has to fully fund the state's public schools. Mississippi currently ranks 49th in per pupil spending. But lawmakers adjourned last month without an education budget for the upcoming fiscal year. So where does this leave the 'Barksdale challenge'? From Marketplace's Work and Family Desk, Sarah Gardner reports.

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