Marketplace PM for March 22, 2005

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IBM jumps into the spam battle

Junk email accounts for between 50 and 75 percent of all email. Depends of whose numbers you believe. Any way you slice it, it's still a lot of spam. And it keeps on coming, despite all those spam-blocking programs. Today a pioneer of the personal computer made a mighty big promise. One to send a plague of the PC era back from whence it came. One unwanted message at a time. Marketplace's Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Airfare wars: Prices up, prices down, prices up, again

Next up in our things we love to hate segment: fare wars. Last week, Continental added 5 bucks to its prices. Most of the major carriers followed suit. Then on Monday, most everyone backed down. Today they were back up five bucks. Confused? We were.But not Micheline Maynard. She covers the airlines for the New York Times.

President Bush, immigration reform, and the guest worker debate

A summit in Texas tomorrow. President Bush is hosting Mexico's President and Canada's Prime Minister. Conspicuously absent from this get-together: immigration reform. Mr. Bush's big idea for a guest worker program didn't survive the criticism from Capitol Hill. Much of it from members of the president's own party. Commentator and economist Stephen Moore argues conservatives ought to rethink their opposition.<br />Stephen Moore is President of the lobbying group, The Free Enterprise Fund.

Water Day, and now ... a Water Decade

Raise a glass, everyone. It's World Water Day. Do anything special to mark the occasion? The United Nations did. It launched what it calls a "Water for Life" Decade. Basically it's a goal. To cut in half the number of people who don't have access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation. More than a billion people fall into that category. And we're not just talking about people living in rural, undeveloped areas. Just ask Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford, our bureau chief in China.

Fast, FAST pizza... Did we mention fast?

Be proud America, your team took home the gold from the 2005 World Pizza Championship. Brian Edler of Findlay, Ohio, didn't just dominate his competition in Italy this week. He set a world record. 37 seconds to make a pizza pie. Of course to most of us, fast pizza means something more like 'thirty minutes or less'. But in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, an entrepreneur is trying to speed that up. From WUWM in Milwaukee, Christina Shockley reports.

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