Marketplace PM for March 21, 2005

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Terry Schiavo battle has broad impact

The battle wages on over Terri Schiavo.A federal judge is now deciding whether to restore the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube after a bill was rushed through Congress this weekend, moving the case from state to federal court. Moral questions aren't the only tough issues this case poses. There are big financial implications, too. With Washington wading into the debate, will doctors now feel pressure to keep patients alive at all costs? Or will those costs be limited by what lawmakers think taxpayers are willing to pay? Marketplace's Bob Moon reports.

Wind power investments - Strong wind profits?

Gasoline prices have jumped 12 cents in the last two weeks. That's enough to make hardcore V-8 fans take a second look at hybrids. But Goldman Sachs is doing more than just window shopping. The investment bank said today it's buying Zilkha Renewable Energy - a private wind-energy development company. The deal appears to be part of what Goldman says is a plan to play a leading role in the renewable energy business. With us to talk about this is Ann Davis, a senior special writer for the Wall Street Journal...
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Parking a car in New York City?

New York City has just started offering a discount on parking tickets - if drivers promise not to fight it. A $35 ticket drops to $26 if you fess up. The idea is to save judges and courts some time. The city began offering a similar deal to businesses last summer - companies like UPS can rack up almost 5,000 tickets a week. But for some urban drivers, the problem isn't the ticket. It's that the parking itself is disappearing as James Murdock reports.

Mergers shine in the skin and beauty industry

First we had reality shows like "Extreme Makeover" and "The Swan". They were a sign that cosmetic surgery had gone mainstream, whether you're talking an eyelift or a full-fledged tummy tuck. Those procedures can also be big business, if a $2.8 billion merger unveiled today is any indication. Medicis Pharmaceuticals makes drugs for skin conditions from acne to wrinkles. Inamed specializes in obesity treatments and breast implants. Together, the two companies hope to stake a bigger claim in the growing vanity market as Alisa Roth reports.
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Recruiting teachers becoming a big business

We keep hearing about how American jobs are going overseas. Just today, computer giant Dell said it would hire another 1200 people at a call center in India and build a factory in eastern Europe. In some cases, though, the jobs are still here. But many people don't want them. Take schools, for example. A shortage of homegrown teachers means our school systems now employs more than 15,000 foreigners. The trend is growing... and so is the business of recruiting teachers overseas as Work and Family correspondent Sarah Gardner found out.

Decisions, decisions. Public vs. private?

Public or private? That's the dilemma facing many parents right now as they wait for what they hope will be acceptance letters from private schools. But getting in is the least of your problems as humorist and commentator Sandra Tsing Loh explains in this edition of "The Loh Down"...

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