Marketplace PM for March 17, 2005

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Reinventing Retirement: Wyoming sets the example

It begins in about five years. 76 million Americans are poised to join the pool of people known as retirees. More than half of that number will be out of the work force by 2013. But in one state, the future is now. And the rest of the nation might want to take note. In the second part of our series <A href="">'reinventing retirement'</A>, special correspondent Jo Giese reports from Wyoming.

Can baseball go natural? No steroids allowed?

Even if you don't know who Sammy Sosa and Curt Schilling are, you will by tonight. These guys are major-league baseball players. They were testifying on Capitol Hill today. Lawmakers are investigating the use of steroids in baseball. They have a special interest in this issue. After all, major league baseball enjoys an anti-trust exemption at the pleasure of Congress. But what can Washington do to solve the problem? Commentator and writer Ron Bailey claims with a little creativity, they could knock it out of the park.

Debating a home for the New York Jets

Away from the baseball hearings on Capitol Hill, a battle is brewing over football in New York. Business of Sports Analyst Ed Derse talks to David Brown about a fight between Cablevision and the New York Jets over the new West Side Stadium.
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Stigma and AIDS, for Africa's women

Annie Lennox and the surviving members of Queen are among the names on the all-star lineup. It's a concert this Saturday in South Africa. Sponsored by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. The object is to raise money for the many women struggling with AIDS. On the African continent, women suffer the brunt of the pandemic. But getting women to ask for treatment is difficult. Stigma is still a huge issue. From Botswana, Gretchen Wilson reports on how they've turned a challenge...into a competition.
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