Marketplace PM for June 8, 2005

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The new Chinese-American: business

Lenovo, which bought IBM last year, is at the forefront of a growing trend: Chinese companies are looking to invest in the U.S. Alisa Roth reports from New York.
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Upheaval in Bolivia: all about resources

Bolivia, rich in oil and gas, is in turmoil. The President has submitted his resignation, and thousands are marching in the capital city. Bill Faries, correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor is in La Paz, Bolivia.
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Bethel, Alaska: the priciest gas in the US

Today the federal Energy Information Administration said the average pump price will rise to $2.16 per gallon. Which sounds cheap to residents of Bethel, Alaska; reporter Gabriel Spitzer explains.

Should the Chinese float the yuan?

Despite a growing clamor for China to float its currency, Chinese officials say the country will make reforms at its own pace. Zanny Minton Beddoes has a suggestion for Beijing.
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