Marketplace PM for June 6, 2005

Episode Description 

Screen Actors vote on video games

Video game companies turn to the pros to do the speaking (and grunting and screaming). Over the last few weeks, members of the Screen Actors Guild have been voting on whether to authorize a strike against videogame makers. Their votes will be tallied tomorrow; Tess Vigeland has more.

Al-Jazeera privatizes

After years of subsidizing Al-Jazeera, Qatar is looking to privatize the Arab news network. Reporter Nancy Updike tells us why it's so hard to find any takers.

Shhh... secret family leave

California has one of the oldest and most generous parental leave laws in the country: 40 hours a year for a child's school or childcare activities. But Californians, like most workers across the nation, are unaware of the laws that can let them joint the PTA.

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