Marketplace PM for June 28, 2007

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Supreme Court issues a pricey ruling

The Supreme Court overturned a 96-year-old decision on "minimum price agreements" -- the deals between manufacturers and retailers that set how much products sell for. John Dimsdale looks at how the ruling might affect what we pay.
Posted In: Crime

China may be new Venezuela oil partner

With ConocoPhillips and ExxonMobil leaving Venezuela rather than play by President Hugo Chavez's rules, China may be primed to step in. Dan Grech reports.

New fuels from a Petri dish?

Researchers have announced the development of synthetic bacteria that may one day be turned into planet-friendly fuels. Sam Eaton reports.

Cities want a better head count

U.S. census figures released today reshuffled the ranking of the nation's largest cities. More municipalities are contesting the Census Bureau's tally. Scott Jagow talks with one CEO who's helping them demand a recount.
Posted In: Washington

Mass. effort at cutting health spending

The Massachusetts health-care plan requires all residents to have coverage. So the state is trying every which way to make the insurance affordable. Helen Palmer reports on how it's doing.
Posted In: Health

Carrier-switching ideas for iPhoners

If you have to have an iPhone and don't have AT&T as your carrier, you'll need to switch. And we all know how much fun that can be. Ah, but there are ways . . . as Janet Babin reports.

Is China ready for gay TV?

A Hong Kong-based private broadcaster is trying to lure an audience online with controversial programs created in a small Beijing studio. But the venture has its risks. Jocelyn Ford reports.
Posted In: Entertainment

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