Marketplace PM for June 24, 2005

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The Supreme Court showdown pre-show

The president's spokesman Scott McClellan said today the White House is "prepared" for a vacancy on the Supreme Court. But there isn't one yet. Although all eyes are on William Rehnquist ... and beyond. Scott Tong reports.

Security strike shuts down Iraqi civil flights

Security contractors at the Baghdad Airport went on strike today. Los Angeles Times correspondent Borzou Daragahi reports.
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Checking in with Aceh, six months after the tsunami

128,000 people were killed in Indonesia alone, and half a million were left homeless there. In the hardest hit province, Aceh, most survivors are still living in refugee camps. Marketplace's Jocelyn Ford returned to Aceh to report on progress — and corruption.
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What does "Peak Oil" mean to you?

A long view on oil from commentator Mark Hertsgaard.

The week of oil on Wall Street

Oil, oil, all David Johnson wants to talk about with Kai Ryssdal is oil. Luckily, he's in Texas, so he's got some insights.