Marketplace PM for June 15, 2005

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Jacques and Tony go to Brussels

British Prime Minister Tony Blair and French President Jacques Chirac join other European bigwigs in Brussels for an E.U. summit tomorrow. Stephen Beard reports that European leaders are coming from different places — in more ways than one.
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Opera gets a pop makeover

Most people think of opera as something like Wagner's "Ring Cycle," belted out by overweight sopranos wearing Viking hats. But picture the five alluring young men and women who comprise Amici Forever and you've got a vision for a new kind of opera.

Is the Euro doomed?

David Manasian says it's way too early to write the Euro's obituary. He is a senior editor at the Economist Magazine.
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Fly the luxury skies

Japan and France are teaming up to develop a new supersonic plane. But that kind of speed doesn't come cheap; Robert Reich has more in his commentary.

Keeping chemicals under lock and key

It's not every day that a Republican Administration tells Big Business it needs <em>more</em> regulation. But today the Department of Homeland Security called for a safety crackdown at toxic chemical plants. Scott Tong reports.

The Deal: behind the scenes

The scene: Wall Street. The U.S. is at war in the Middle East and gasosline prices have soared to 6 bucks a gallon. An investment bank is asked to broker a deal between a US energy company and a Russian oil firm. Don't worry, it's only a movie. Or is it? Screenwriter Ruth Epstein tells more.