Marketplace PM for July 28, 2005

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Rosie the Robot meets her match

What would the Jetson's cleaning droid think of Roomba, the robot vaccuum? And what about its parent company going public? David Brown talks to reporter Hiawatha Bray.

Lining up by the thousands

In rural Appalachia, it pays to arrive early for your annual doctor's appointment. Reporter Julia DeBruicker joined the crowd this year.
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Some call it a death tax

This week it looked like we might see a permanent repeal of the estate tax, but the Senate has delayed a vote until at least September. Economist and commentator Steve Moore knows where he thinks the tax should end up.

Got your eye on some property?

If you haven't dipped your toe in the real estate waters lately, the temperature's still rising. Some Americans are heading south for some action. As far, Dan Grech reports, as Costa Rica. From our Americas Desk at WLRN, Dan Grech reports.

A Coke by any other name

Sales of sugary sodas have been flat for years. But now, some new products are making earnings pop at Coca-Cola Enterprises. Janet Babin examines whether it will be enough to sustain the industry.

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