Marketplace PM for July 15, 2005

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Painting the glass ceiling with a little green

Women executives do a better job of narrowing the gap between the salaries of men and women. Hillary Wicai reports on the findings of a new study.

Like selling candy to a baby

The Federal government is holding a conference this week on whether there should be stronger regulations on marketing food to kids. From the Marketplace Health Desk at WGBH, Helen Palmer reports.

Intellectual diversity

Will the ivory tower be a safe haven for a wide palette of ideas, or is it heading for a beige middle? Commentator and college president Sanford Unger has these thoughts.

The Polish plumber wants you

Take a political hot potato, add a hot model and you might just make a tourism coup. Eleanor Beardsley reports from Paris on the buzz around the Polish Plumber.
Posted In: Canada

David Johnson: The week on Wall Street

Host David Brown talks to David Johnson about stocks, the deficit, and instant gratification.
Posted In: Wall Street

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