Marketplace PM for July 14, 2005

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Is it nice to be fought over?

There are reports that China's state-owned CNOOC may raise its bid $18 billion for the company, and that Chevron might up its $16 billion bid to stay in the game. Today Unocal's board has been meeting to take a closer look at the two options. Marketplace's Alisa Roth reports.

Government scientists getting some pocket money

Reports of employees of the National Institutes of Health accepting lucrative contracts from drug companies surfaced last year. Today the <em>LA Times</em> reports on a recently-obtained internal NIH report; David Brown gets the story from reporter David Willman.

c u @ hm3 L8R?

Among the anti-terrorism measure the European Union is taking to combat terrorism in the wake of the London bombings is to force telecom companies to store text messages and e-mail for longer periods. Stephen Beard reports.

A schizophrenic energy bill

The versions of the energy bill that came out of the House and Senate were not exactly identical twins. In fact, they seem to reflect a collage of local interests that'll cost taxpayers. Eric Niiler reports.

Will business love Bush's new justice?

George W. Bush has been a pretty good friend to business. But commentator Jeff Birnbaum says the upcoming Supreme Court fight might wipe the grins off corporate faces.

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