Marketplace PM for January 4, 2006

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Laundering Abramoff's money?

Politicians who took donations from Jack Abramoff are working to get rid of it as fast as they can. Hilary Wicai reports on the charities that are receiving the money, and the plea Abramoff is making today in Miami.

Crossing the line

From the beginning of our Republic, lobbyists have been caught up in lucre and bribes for government influence. So what makes Jack Abramoff and his representation of Indian casinos in exchange for $80 million in fees and an orgy of perks to lawmakers different? Lawyer and commentator Stan Brand explains.

Newsflash - education important

The US Chamber of Commerce thinks a lack of skilled graduates is harming US competitiveness. So today, it announced plans to begin ranking school systems by their performance. John Dimsdale reports from Washington.

The casino that ate Las Vegas?

Today, plans were unveiled for a $4 billion Las Vegas hotel and casino development. It will include 4 new hotels with over 5,000 rooms. Sin City is known for excess, but have speculators finally gone too far? Jeff Tyler reports.

Violence in Haiti

After former Haitian President Aristide lost his job in 2004, hundreds of federal workers got sack as well. Some of them turned to a new line of work: Armed militias. Many say they'd gladly lay down their guns for good jobs, but the government calls them criminals. Reed Lindsay reports from Port Au Prince.
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Empty tank

Today a subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell agreed to pay $200,000 to settle charges that it faked trades of oil futures contracts. Tess Vigeland talks to Jeremy Leggett, author of "The Empty Tank: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Coming Global Energy Crisis."

Chocolate pollution

There are plenty of smells anyone living in a city has to contend with. In Chicago, Jonathan Menjivar tells us about one distinct manufacturing smell that may soon be disappearing from the city forever.

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