Marketplace PM for January 4, 2005

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More Tort reform!

Tomorrow, President Bush will be giving a speech in Madison County, Illinois. Madison County - there are so many medical malpractice suits filed there, the place has won a nickname from supporters of tort reform. "Hellhole" is what they call it. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai reports on what in the hellhole ... the president will be doing.

Bring back the Deux Cheveaux ...

Ford's motto for 2004 - the year of the car. Well today the number two automaker announced its tenth sales drop in as many months - down 3.5 percent in December. GM fell seven percent. But over at DaimlerChrysler, sales grew eleven percent. Their secret weapons: horsepower and aggressive styling. Neither of which were strong points for one of the most iconic cars of all time. The French-built Citroen 2CV, or Deux Cheveaux. It looked like umbrella on wheels, and drove like one, too. It's been 14 years since Citroen stopped making its impossibly cheap and memorably ugly car. But in the land of the Deux Cheveaux, there are more than a few romantics. John Laurenson gets us up to speed.

Remembering Y2K - The impact today

Remember Y2K? Chances are, you're not thinking of the year 2000. You're thinking of the predictions of doom for New Year's Day, 2000. The worry was a cascade of computer malfunctions caused by software that wasn't programmed to recognize the turn of the century. It didn't happen. In the run-up to New Years Day, 2000, governments and businesses spent more than $100 billion doing fixes and inspections. Well 5 years later, it's apparent the economic impact of Y2K was much more than that. In the conclusion of our special series from American RadioWorks, Chris Farrell reports.

Marketplace letters

What's that you say? Letters? OK - here's the famous Marketplace Letters segment ...