Marketplace PM for January 24, 2005

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More media consolidations ...

The last few years we've been hearing the debate over something called media consolidation. Typically, this is shorthand for one company's ownership of several radio or TV stations in a single market. But newspapers? Stop the presses. Marketplace's Bob Moon reports federal antitrust regulators are looking into the ambitions of two big newspaper empires.

Reconstruction, and regulation

This from the UN today. Tens of thousands of Indonesians have left refugee camps over the last few days to stay with relatives. It's another sign the tsunami story is beginning a new chapter, from relief to reconstruction. But as we saw in the relief phase, there are controversies about money. In Sri Lanka, the government has pledged $3.5 billion to rebuild the coastline. As Miranda Kennedy reports from the coastal city of Galle, the government wants to restrict reconstruction: no closer than 300 yards from the ocean.

Too much of a great thing?

If you don't like crowds, this week you may want to avoid a little town in Utah called "Park City". The Sundance film festival is underway there. And though it isn't quite all limosines and red carpets, the annual celebration of independent film is experiencing growing pains. Founding father Robert Redford has been quoted as pondering the 'too muchness' of the festival. Marketplace's Jeff Tyler is at Sundance this week, taking in the 'too muchness' of it all.

Bulls**t - in the advertising world

In the business world, there is vast grey area between what is truth and what is not. Take for instance an advertisement that reads, 'World's Best Car.' David Brown talks to Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt, who has written about the topic. LANGUAGE NOTE: The interview contains controversial language, and although it is censored out, most listeners will be able to understand the meaning of the word.

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