Marketplace PM for January 19, 2006

Episode Description 

Navigating China's business ethics

400 of the top Fortune 500 firms have operations in China. How are American firms navigating the financial culture? And how do they deal with China's reputation for graft and lawlessness? Ted Fishman is the author of "China Inc." He joins Kai for a conversation about business ethics in China.

In defense of piracy

Counterfeit DVDs hit the streets just as the real thing hits movie theaters in the United States. The US government is putting pressure on the Chinese government to crack down on piracy. Chinese filmmaker Hao Wu says preventing piracy will change the Chinese landscape.

Expats in Shanghai

More and more Westerners have made China their home, and they're changing the way cities like Shanghai do business. Nate DiMeo gives us a tour of the expat community in Shanghai.

Sea turtles

They're called "sea turtles" -- the growing number of Chinese-born entrepreneurs who have come back to China after years of living overseas. They're setting up businesses... and learning that it's a whole new world.

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