Marketplace PM for January 18, 2006

Episode Description 

E-commerce, China style

Want a book, a movie, a coffeemaker? You can order it on, or any other of the myriad online shopping sites. But in China, it's not so easy. For one thing, almost no one uses credit cards. Nate DiMeo talks to a Chinese entrepreneur about the e-commerce site she runs ( to bring American consumer culture to China.

Protests over land in Southern China

Protests turned deadly yesterday as villagers in Southern China demonstrated against what they see as unfair compensation for land seizure by the government. Jocelyn Ford traveled to the area today. As she tells Kai Ryssdal, this protest is unique, partly because unlike many similar rural protests, these villagers are in a socio-economic position to make a difference.

Booming baby business in China

China's hinterland can be forbidding place to do business. Cities in the west are not very cosmopolitan, and they're not as comfortable for foreign executives. But being successful in this challenging environment is crucial to many companies. Babycare, a US chain of child-care centers, has become a champion at doing business in this environment. Jocelyn Ford found out how.

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