Marketplace PM for January 14, 2005

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Blink, and a snap decision ...

Today a division of Macy's in New York said it will pay the state $600,000 and crack down on racial profiling of suspected shoplifters. It's to settle an investigation of complaints from black and hispanic shoppers. They said they'd been questioned, detained and handcuffed more frequently than white shoppers. As a law enforcement tool, racial profiling has been discredited not just as morally repugnant, but as inefficient, as well. And yet there is no denying that every day in stores, in the workplace, people make snap decisions based on impressions. These choices should not be ignored. So argues Malcolm Gladwell in his new book, "blink".

Who will lead the RNC next?

In the two days before Thursday's inauguration, the Republican National Committee holds its meeting in Washington. Ed Gillespie will formally pass the baton to a new chairman. His job: to be the marketing brains behind 'brand RNC'. And no, the new guy (see photo) is not exactly a household name. But commentator Adrian Wooldridge says you can bet he soon will be.

The week on Wall Street

Friday. And you know what that means! Time to check the week on Wall Street with stockbroker and business analyst David Johnson in Dallas.

It's a movie, AND a wine commercial

Let the awards season begin. And no, People's Choice doesn't count. This Sunday in Hollywood the Foreign Press Association hands out its Golden Globes. Up for seven of the trophies: Sideways. It's a film about a bachelor party road trip, or maybe it's a film about wine. Actually a little of both. Marketplace's Lisa Napoli reports...

To be a screenwriter

The main character in Sideways is a frustrated novelist - not an encouraging role model for aspiring screenwriters. But Marketplace's Jeff Tyler will not be discouraged.

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